6 Ways to Look and Feel Younger

Fine lines. Wrinkles. Thin, brittle hair. These are just some of the signs of aging. While aging affects different people at different stages of their life, there are a number of ways people can reverse this process. Here are six ways to get younger looking skin just by making a few simple changes.

Cut Back on Alcohol

Experts say that alcohol inflames the liver and damages skin cells. While a glass or two of wine a day might show some health benefits, drinking alcohol in excess can soon take its toll on the skin and accelerate the aging process. For those who want to reverse aging and boost the skin’s complexion, consuming more water is a much better option. Health professionals recommend at least two liters of water a day. Drinking this much can help to flush out toxins, giving the skin a natural glow, and help to cleanse the body.

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Use Sunscreen

Asia has a wide range of climates, but experts agree that people should wear sunscreen to protect their skin — regardless of the weather. Even in cool temperatures, UV rays from the sun can have a negative impact on the skin, leaving it looking much older than it really is. People of all ages, therefore, should take special care to apply a good sunscreen product to their face and neck every day if they want to counteract the effects of aging. There are many moisturizers that come with an SPF. This provides users with two benefits: protection against the sun and intense moisture retention throughout the day. Both result in skin that looks great. People should look at the various products on the market and choose something that suits their skin type.

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Exercise More

There is a strong correlation between healthy, younger-looking skin and exercise. People who work out at the gym on a regular basis are reversing the aging process because they flush out nasty toxins from the body. This can leave their complexion looking smooth and youthful. There are numerous other benefits to exercising, too. Gym goers can lose weight, increase muscle mass and even fight depression and stress. Experts believe that exercising just two to three times a week can have a huge impact on the skin and body. For those who are strangers to the gym, talking to a doctor or a personal trainer about a new exercise regime is a great way to start. Beginners can also find a gym partner to encourage them as they work out. This can be great for motivation and help both people stick to their exercise goals!

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Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Research from 2012 shows that consuming more fruits and vegetables provides skin benefits. People who had three extra portions of these superfoods every day looked more “attractive” over time, according to the study. People who struggle to consume fruit and veg can improve their nutrition by making fresh smoothies and drinking a healthy shake first thing in the morning. Fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges provide people with a much-needed energy boost when they need it, which can lead to improved concentration and productivity at work. This is in addition to all the skin benefits these foods provide.

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Whiten Teeth

Yellow teeth is often associated with aging. For people who want to look younger, whitening their teeth might be a good idea. There are a number of whitening products currently on the market, including whitening toothpaste. Consumers should do their research before they purchase an over-the-counter product like this. There are numerous reviews online that can help them make their decision. Alternatively, people can visit their dentist to ask about in-office or at-home teeth whitening treatments. Many of these use a chemical to bleach the teeth and remove any unwanted stains or discoloration.

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Manage Stress

Stress and anxiety can be one of the major causes of aging, experts say. While it might be difficult to de-stress, taking some time out from the pressures of life or incorporating stress reduction techniques into the daily routine could help people look and feel younger. There are a number of ways to achieve this. People can join a gym: studies show that exercise on a regular basis reduces stress and anxiety levels. Alternatively, they can go to yoga or practice meditation or control their breathing. Trying to replace negative, stressful feelings with positive ones might take some time but it could have a major impact on one’s appearance and prevent the aging process considerably.

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These six tips help people improve the aging process as they get older. If people are looking for a younger, glowing complexion, they should take both the aging prevention and the health enhancing route.

Gentle reminder: The information on this article is not meant to replace a qualified healthcare professional and should not be considered as professional advise. Please seek appropriate medical help when necessary.

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