Health and Fitness for the Busy

In modern society most people are working desk jobs and many lead sedentary lifestyles. If a person also has a family or added responsibilities, their busy schedule doesn’t allow them a lot of free time to attend to their body’s needs. Here’s where this article comes in. Its purpose is to give some practical tips collected from fitness experts on how to stay healthy and fit while being swamped by obligations.

Bring health and fitness items to work

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There are many compact sized items that can be used on a short break while at work. A snack loaded with proteins and carbohydrates, a small massage ball, essential oils and headphones, all these items contribute to making a busy day a little less stressful and intimidating, with the added benefit of being healthy and easily procurable.

Don’t stay stationary for too long

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Another good way to wind out and stay fit while working is to pace while doing activities like answering phone calls. Exercising and pacing about is good for fitness, helps stave away tiredness and burning calories. A good exercise is to put ones back about a foot away from the wall, then lean back and slide down the wall until the thighs are parallel to floor and up again.

Drink enough fluids

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Keeping hydrated is always important, since water is required by the body for performing most of its functions. Drinking water will also quench thirst, help sate the appetite and help with fatigue and moodiness. Water can also be infused with herbs or fruits like mint and lemon, to add taste and valuable nutrients to the otherwise plain water.

Relax when overloaded or stressed

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A good way to calm down when stressed or when an important meeting comes up, is to close the eyes, slowly inhale, count to ten and exhale. It is a simple and quick exercise, but it can be very helpful whenever there is a need to focus or regain confidence.

Have a nutritious snack

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A healthy snack is the perfect way to sate ones appetite and restore energy. Protein bars are a very popular choice for the above reasons and because they come in many flavors that sometimes have healthy and tasty ingredients (e.g. dried fruits). However, it is preferable to avoid bars that have additional sugar or artificial sweeteners, as they are unhealthy.

Manage business meals properly

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When lunch or dinner time comes at work, people may be tempted to consume unhealthy food, jeopardizing their weight-loss or weight-maintenance program. It always better to opt for light and healthy dishes (e.g. salads, chicken, etc.) and to avoid eating calorie-laden dinner (like burgers and ice cream) late in the evening.

Use essential oils

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Essential oils and lotions, apart from making the workspace smell pleasant, have the added benefit of being relaxing. So whenever there is a need to make the workplace more livable and improve mood, a lavender or citrus essential oil will do a decent job.

Walk whenever possible

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Walking is an extremely handy way to burn calories, keep fit and clear the mind, therefore, whenever obligations require going from one place to another, walking is preferable to relying on taxis or commuting to get to a destination.

There are several ways to practice fitness, good mood and health while at work. By following these advice, people with healthy habits will maintain their health that they worked hard for and those with unhealthy habits may begin to change. A busy schedule is no longer an excuse to avoid exercise and proper eating habits when keeping healthy is simple, even on the go.

Gentle reminder: The information on this article is not meant to replace a qualified healthcare professional and should not be considered as professional advise. Please seek appropriate medical help when necessary.

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