7 Bare Essentials you need to be Bikini Body Ready this summer

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Wearing a bikini can be intimidating. It is difficult to relax on the beach almost naked with various eyes on you; be it from friends, relatives, or even crushes. The same can be said even for Heidi Klum, a lingerie supermodel known for her beautiful physique.

“Wearing a bikini can be hard because you’re in public so you know it’s always intimidating a little bit.” – Heidi KLUM

With constant reminders to have the perfect bikini bod, it can bring out insecurities even for the most confident women. That’s often the motivation as to why we workout, go on a pre-holiday diet or reject that last cupcake. It stems from a woman’s desire to feel beautiful in the two-piece garment.

But truth is, to look good in a bikini is not tied to particular mindsets like being lean or having a 26-inch waist. All manner of people can put on a bikini and it doesn’t matter what your body size may be, you can still rock that look.

Pick The Right Bikini

If you google bikini, you will find a variety of bikinis from tankinis to high waisted bikinis. You can always select one for your body type. If you cannot feel comfortable in one, it is definitely not the right one. The first thing you should do is to ignore the current trends and pick a bikini that embraces your body. Even the trendsetters embrace their bodies and that is why they are a hit in the first place. Black is a good color as it does not emphasize any projections you may not want people to see.

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Sleek Up Your Skin

Summertime is a fun time but not necessarily so for your skin. The last thing you need in a bikini is warped up skin from the heat. Warm temperatures bring about a buildup from sweat and oils on the skin. Hydrated skin enhances complexion as it appears smoother. It is advisable to exfoliate a day before you hit the beach. Because the sun can be irritating, here are 5 skincare tricks on how to look good in a bikini.

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Reduce Bloat

You do not want to look puffy in a bikini lest fashion police be on your case. One supermodel Chrissy Teigen offers a solution to bloating; put down the salt shaker and be on a diet a few days before going to the beach or for a photo shoot. Onions, beans, and broccoli are a few examples of gas producing vegetables you should avoid in your diet. Also, reduce carbohydrate intake and opt for food that will minimize your water weight like that found here.

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Shrink Cellulite

One way on how to look good in a bikini is to shrink some cellulite. Cellulite is not anyone’s favorite conversation but with a few dimples and pockets to spare, the good news is that it can be reduced, naturally. A lot of reasons exist for cellulite deposit but you can counter this with massage, brushing, scrubbing, detox, moisturizing, etc. Just ensure that you get rid of that unflattering look as long as it does not bring you harm. Here is how to remedy it naturally.

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Get Waxed

It is considered embarrassing to go to the beach with your hair exposed in a bikini for all and sundry. However, hair removal is not only for approval purposes but also hygiene. Remember not to use harsh removers, razors, or anything that will cause cuts on your skin as it can get infected. There are various waxing styles like American, Brazilian, and French. All you need to do is get a full body wax before carrying yourself in a bikini to the beach.

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Confidence Is Sexy

That Instagram bikini shot you have been dying for was inspired by confidence. Confident people are noticeable and are comfortable in their skin with a sense of ease in what they do. A pair of wedges or heeled sandals inspires better posture while they flatter your legs. Body angle is important too when taking those camera shots. Make sure you know which is right for you.

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Make A Change

Understand that summer is not about losing weight fast, fitting into a tiny bikini or having flat abs to enjoy the beach. Instead, make a change and tell yourself to enjoy summer without the pressure to look a certain way. Surround yourself with friends and family. Most importantly, be comfortable and confident when you walk out on the beach and always know you are the prettiest.

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