This Is What It Looks Like When You Start Running A 5K Every Day

running a 5k every day

Long and lean with impressive lower body strength – this is the image of a marathon runner body. To achieve this, most people try to run 5k every day, that makes 3.1 miles daily and an accumulate 21.7 miles of distance over the course of a week.

This effort would definitely help you get the skinny and sinewy build that we use to identify a marathon runner – but that’s not just it.

Running a 5k every day combines pace with endurance in a way that is considered one of the highest levels of fitness and skill. It requires a high level of technique and efficiency to translate energy into the movement at speed over such long distances.

Despite the benefits of running every day being many and various, numerous body changes occur within the physiology that responses to long distance running, and not all are positive.

What does running a 5k every day does to your body?

Here, we break down some of the most weird and wonderful changes to help you understand what will happen to you if you commit to running a 5k every single day.

You’ll Get A Strong Heart

Marathon runners have run to their death. But don’t let that scare you, sudden deaths among apparently healthy people are extremely rare. On average, the annual London Marathon sees 2 deaths every three years among the 106,000 participants.

This is a result of extreme running, that is too much running per se. And this cause micro tears in the ventricles and enlargement of the heart. But take note, this is all expected from marathons and it is said to heal within a week of rest after the event.

benefits of running every day

You Can Hold Your Breath Longer

When you first start running regularly, you may struggle at first to catch your breath with every passing minute. But in the long run, you’ll notice that your breathing will become easier and more natural. This increase lung capacity is also linked to overall stamina, and soon you may be able to find yourself more energetic throughout the day.

You’ll Get A Metabolism Boost

You might be running 5k a day and not losing weight, but still your body is undergoing a transformation. The more running you do, does not necessarily reflect on the scale but the more running you do, the better your metabolism is boosted which will help your body efficiently convert nutrients into energy within muscles.

This means you’ll be burning far more calories than the average person, and your body will be able to create energy efficiently long after other’s bodies have yielded and gotten gunked up by lactic acid.

Losing fat can happen, but increasing mass will be slow and limited because it depends on other factors as well. What you eat and what you do the rest of the day matters as well.

Your Knees Will Buckle More Easily

The lifespan on your knee will be significantly shorter with the constant impacts from running. Although you are increasing muscle density through repeated use, but running a 5k every day can cause tiny micro fractures in the honeycomb structures of the bone.

When these become too severe, we get shin splints, which is why it is important to stretch before a run and to build up your endurance in running gradually. Another thing to look out for is also patellofemoral pain syndrome, also known as runner’s knee.

Don’t think you can go running a 5k in 37 minutes straight off the bat, especially not when you’ve been a couch potato all the while. The key is to follow a running menu, getting a pair of good shock absorption shoes and learning heel striking to make sure you are not sending little bolts of shock up your knees with every step you take.

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You’ll Get A Runner’s High

Sometimes we get it, and sometimes we don’t. But runner’s high is real. It is a scientifically tested and proven benefit of running, and the longer you run for, the greater this feeling becomes.

This is because endorphins are released that relieve stress and improve mood, allowing people to feel happier and more relaxed after their run. Endorphins work with the opiate receptors in the brain, the same affected by opiate drugs like morphine and heroin.

You’ll Get The Runner’s Face

Because endurance running burns so much of your body’s internal fat reserves, runners can get something called “Runners Face”, where the body burns the fat stores in the face, causing sagging skin and a loss of elasticity, together with increasing how pronounced the bone structure appears. Avoiding this gaunt face is a great reason to enjoy a few more carbs when training! After all, running has been shown to be the best way to burn belly fat, just keep those cheeks chubby!

Your Calves Will Be Sculpted Masterpieces

Michelangelo’s David will genuinely have less impressive calves than you will after a marathon. The calves are the prime shock absorber and driver during running, and this dual role sees them increase in size, and create stunning shape and definition. They will soon become your favorite body part, if only because it will be fascinating to flex them in the shower (where you’ll still be sweating, by the way) and see all the sinews at work.

Your Sleep Will Be Incredible

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Running is exhausting. It’s an incredibly stressful, full body exercise and it burns calories like you wouldn’t believe. As a result, your body will need to recover and it does that best when asleep. Because resources will be needed to repair your muscles, your body won’t be sending as much energy to your brain in evenings, allowing you to fall off to sleep more easily. After a marathon, however, you may find your elevated internal body temperature, caused by manic repair operations going on all over your body, make you feel feverish and actually impede your sleep for a night or so.

Are you ready to run 5k every day?

It doesn’t matter if you start running on a whim, try the run 5k a day challenge for a month and you will slowly see the benefits of running daily. It will be so amazing that you just can’t stop. If you’re already a runner, have you noticed any other body changes not included, please share the benefits of running every day down below.

Don’t have time? Think Again.

Spare yourself 5 minutes and fit in this effective fat-burning workout to a leaner and healthier you.
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