Dance To The Beat With These 11 Zumba Benefits

The Zumba fitness workout is the dance fitness craze that has taken the world by storm. Zumba uses a wide range of movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance, used to tone different muscle groups to the sound of the latest popular music tracks.

Zumba has used this unique combination of music, dance, and fitness to create an enjoyable and social way to exercise. It is no surprise then that the dance exercise craze is known to bring many Zumba benefits.

Despite this, many freshers are afraid to try the program – from the outside, it can feel intimidating to see so many people having so much fun while not being involved. Tribal insecurities can prevent people from having a great experience and opening up their world at a critical time.

Today we explain why Zumba dance fitness is the perfect fit.

1. Burn Calories

Zumba Dance Benefits

On college campuses throughout America, there is a fear of the Freshman 15 – the fifteen pounds that individuals can put on through their first year of college as a result of sudden changes to their drinking and dietary habits. This phrase has been coined because so many people find themselves putting on weight when they leave home and go to college.

Zumba can help stop that process in its tracks. The workout is perfect for burning calories thanks to its dynamic movements and intense cardio requirements. A single Zumba session can burn between 350-650 calories, helping to offset what might have been added on in this transitional time of life.

According to a University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Zumba dance is also said to burn more calories than power yoga, kickboxing, and aerobics. In fact, dancers have some of the most toned and responsive bodies in the world, with dance moves targeting fat deposits to shape the body as well. You can look and feel your best while having a great time doing it.

2. Boost Confidence

The biggest barrier to Zumba is that people will let self-doubt prevent them from getting involved. Individuals tend to think “I’m not a good enough dancer” or “I’m not fit enough”, but neither was anyone else when they first started. Fitness and good dancing are results of Zumba, not prerequisites.

Zumba helps to improve posture and coordination, which can allow people to be less self-conscious in public and project an air of confidence. What’s more, dancing and cardio both release floods of endorphins into the brain, making you feel better and making your outlook more positive?

By getting outside of your comfort zone for that all important first session, and committing to dancing in public, your confidence is sure to grow.

3. Improve Dance Skills

Dancing has been an essential part of every culture since the dawn of civilization. It is how we as a species express joy, bond with our tribes, and yes – attract mates.

Because Zumba uses dance moves to tone the body, it’s natural that as well as getting some new inspiration for great moves to take to the dance floor, your other dance moves will improve as well. What’s more, your sense of rhythm and timing, and your ability to isolate different parts of your body will all improve through the exercise regime.

When you commit to taking Zumba classes, you’re setting your body free of the awkward dad dancing of your teenage years, and become the elegant mover you were always destined to be.

4. Make New Friends

Every workout class has a social component, but dancing with a group makes you feel closer and less self-conscious around each other almost immediately. Zumba is known for being great fun and for leaving everyone with a smile on their face. This puts everyone in the perfect position to socialize.

College is about much more than an education – it is all about the networks that you build during your time there. Your college friendships can follow you through the rest of your life and can establish connections with people who can enable you to succeed in life beyond your wildest dreams.

By taking part in a Zumba class, you’ll introduce yourself to a whole bunch of people you would have never otherwise met. Millennials are more health conscious and less rebellious than any previous generation, which is why Zumba can be a great night out. It’s fun AND healthy.

5. Relieve Stress

Zumba is fantastic stress relief. College can be an incredibly stressful place. Assignment deadlines, reading, being in an unfamiliar place, creating relationships – these all take their toll. College is undoubtedly a mental game, which is why something physical can be so useful.

It’s essential to take time away from study to keep yourself sane. It’s almost certain that none of your lectures will be anything like a Zumba class.

This change of context will help you rebalance your energies and leave behind a stressful day of learning and thinking with some simple moving and swaying.

Because it’s so energetic, you’ll be able to sweat your worries away, boost your metabolism, and feel more like a well-rounded person at the end of the session.

6. Improve Mood

We touched on this already, but dancing is one of the best ways to release endorphins into the system. In this way, you change your internal state through your external movement. There is a lot of evidence for this in different fields – power stances make you more confident. Dance makes you happier.

The brain loves order and form, so dancing to a rhythm provides that satisfaction. Shared experiences build empathy on a neuronal level, while the increased cardiovascular activity can “flush” the brain, cleaning out negative chemical build ups. What’s more, building body autonomy helps people feel more in-control in unfamiliar environments.

7. Full body workout

Zumba dance benefits

Zumba is both a dance and fitness class. Aside from being a ball of fun, Zumba also provides a full workout for the whole body. It allows you to exercise from rolling your head and shoulder to strengthening your footwork and stretching your calves and ankles.

This fitness method also touches on nearly every muscle and joint. Even if you just started Zumba, you’ll find yourself sweating and refresh after a class, just like a full body workout.

8. Dance Your Way To Weight Loss

When you build lean muscle mass and get your body used to the calorie burning workout that Zumba provides, your metabolism will improve by leaps. This means that your body will be better at burning calories, even if you are at rest.

A sluggish metabolism from a sedentary lifestyle can make it hard to achieve weight loss goals, so go for Zumba now and it’ll be a great way to start losing your fats.

9. Makes You Smarter

There’s running, and then there’s Zumba. Learning and remembering choreographed dance moves has been said to help improve your intelligence by keeping your mind active.

According to a 2012 study by Havard, it also shows that the Latin dance can help improve certain cognitive skills, such as visual recognition and decision making.

10. Hooked on exercise

Unlike the gym sessions that you have dropped, going for Zumba might get you hooked on the powerful feelings and endorphins which flow in their bodies after a Zumba class. Dancing exercise might be the solution to getting you to exercise regularly, or you can try signing up for a weekly Zumba class if that works.

11. Everyone can join in

Zumba is for everyone. From senior citizens to kids or even aqua Zumba done in swimming pools. Zumba is a dance exercise suitable for everyone. It is a universal language based on music and dance, and all you need to do is to groove to it just like this kid.

So there you have it! Zumba is an outstanding way to look and feel better while having a great time exercising. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try! Are you a Zumba dance, remember to leave your comments down below.

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