Reasons to Start a Running Routine

Just about everyone promises themselves to start leading a more active lifestyle. Needless to say, we spend the end of every year coming up with well-intentioned resolutions that we end up not being able to keep. However, anyone who considers getting started with sports should definitely give running a try.

While keeping a consistent running regime can seem daunting, once people figure out, however, just how enjoyable and addictive running can be, they will find it much easier to stick to the promise. Here are some of the top benefits that avid runners/joggers get to experience.

No Need for Special Place

Running is one of the physical activities that doesn’t require a special place to occur.
A person committed to becoming more physically fit can run everywhere. The activity is great for busy professionals that travel a lot. Just about every city has a park or a peaceful street. Jogging is a way to explore and have fun at a new place.

The same applies to running in one’s own place of residence. The route can easily be modified to keep things exciting and fresh.

Running Makes You Happy

Just like all other physical activities, running can make people happier. There’s a lot of research about the relationship between working out and being in a better mood.

There’s a simple explanation for the phenomenon. The brain produces dopamine and serotonin as a result of exercise. The intensity of the exercise is very important for the production of the so-called hormones of happiness. The more vigorous a session is, the more of a mood stabilizing effect it has.

The phenomenon has sometimes been called a “runner’s high” and science backs this claim up. Running is particularly beneficial for the individuals that have to deal with chronic stress and its aftermath. It’s relatively easy to find 10 minutes per day for a jogging session. Thus, even the busiest of professionals will get to enjoy it regularly.

Running is an Inexpensive Sport

Many sports necessitate the purchase of expensive, specialized equipment. Running is an exception and it’s suitable for the individuals who are attempting to work out on a budget.

A pair of quality running shoes will be sufficient to get started. That’s about the only investment required to establish a running routine. Some pro joggers may rely on specialized pieces of equipment (activity trackers, GPS technology) but these have no effect on the quality, the intensity and the safety of the exercise.

Many Health Benefits

Undoubtedly, the health benefits are one of the most important stimuli for getting started with a running routine.

Several studies have established the fact that running may potentially help people live longer. One of these experiments was presented in the Archive of International Medicine in 2008.

Researchers worked with 538 volunteers who were all members of a running club and 423 healthy volunteers who acted as a control group. The study commenced in 1984 and there was a follow up after 21 years. All of the volunteers were 50 or older at the time of the experiment’s beginning.

During the checkup, researchers found out that the runners were leaner and less likely to be smokers than the members of the control group. At the 19-year mark, only 15 percent of the runners had died in comparison to 34 percent of the control group members. Researchers concluded that vigorous physical activity also led to the introduction of other healthy habits and together, they contributed to a longer life.

A Wonderful Exploration Opportunity

Whether a person is running in their hometown or during a vacation, the activity provides excellent exploration opportunities. This is one of the aspects of running that keep it engaging.

Jogging from one neighborhood to another or putting together a sightseeing jog are both fun opportunities to examine something new while working on physical fitness. Changing up the running routine every now and then is definitely a good idea.

A runner can easily pick up one must-see spot for every running session. Chances are that new amazing places will be discovered, giving individuals a much better idea about their surroundings.

A Chance to Socialize

Running gives similar-minded individuals a wonderful opportunity to socialize with each other.
Running-focused communities and clubs are a thing in every single city. They often organize competitions and other activities that keep members motivated and active. It’s simply a matter of joining the right community.

These are just some of the main benefits of running. Needless to say, this physical activity comes with a host of other advantages. A few other perks worth mentioning include the satisfaction stemming from accomplishing a fitness goal, a stronger immune response, sustainable weight loss and a higher confidence.

Gentle reminder: The information on this article is not meant to replace a qualified healthcare professional and should not be considered as professional advise. Please seek appropriate medical help when necessary.

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